Guest opinion: The detour is a perfect time to count your blessings – Colorado News

Guest opinion: The detour is a perfect time to count your blessings – Colorado News

Wondering how to survive the 95-day bridge closure? Here are some thoughts.

First, try a little LAUGHTER:

L — Love. Instead of firing blazing mental barbs at the person who’s in your way, try sending a silent blessing, a telepathic love note to that person. You’ll be amazed at the impact on your mood and, quite possibly, on theirs as well.

A — Acceptance. To borrow a much overused phrase … It is what it is. Fuming won’t change it.

U — Unity. We’re in this together. We all bear some pain and we’ll all benefit from the completed project. Let’s hold hands through this.

G — Gratitude. Maybe the most important concept ever. Most of us have food, shelter, clothing, work. Many of us are blessed with having family close by. And, seriously, we live in a beautiful, friendly, caring, generous, safe valley that would be hard to beat anywhere in the world. Give thanks. Being stuck in traffic is a perfect time to spend counting your blessings.

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H — Humility/Humor. Realize that we’re usually not as important as we might think. Engage in finding the funny side of this whole experience.

T — Temperance/Tolerance. Remain temperate in your mood. Anger has no place in this situation. As in most cases, anger is not a useful emotion.

E — Enthusiasm. Enthusiastically cheer the people who are working so diligently to bring this massive project to a successful completion. From my perspective, they’ve done a marvelous job so far. I have every confidence that will continue. Give them a wave and a smile when you have the opportunity.

R — Respect. Honor others with your patience, your kindness, your acknowledgement of their presence….

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