Local Olympians Thrilled For 2028 Games To Arrive | Sports – California News

Local Olympians Thrilled For 2028 Games To Arrive | Sports – California News

The local Olympic sports community has been celebrating since last week’s announcement that Los Angeles would host the 2028 Summer Olympics. Outside of the downtown LA site, Long Beach will have the largest share of events happening in the Olympics, with six events taking place on the waterfront downtown.

In 11 short years, Long Beach will play host to men’s and women’s water polo, the triathlon, BMX biking, handball, open water swimming, and sailing. The city also hosted events in 1932 and 1984, the last two times Los Angeles had the Olympics, but will host more events this go-around than in those previous two combined.

“Long Beach is honored and excited to host six Olympic sports for the LA 2028 Games,” Mayor Robert Garcia said in a statement. “We have been working closely with Mayor Garcetti and the committee to ensure that our Long Beach Olympic Sports Park and the city is ready to welcome the world. I want to thank our entire local city team for their hard work.”

The news is more personal for the city’s wealth of Olympians, who will get to see the excitement of their crowning athletic accomplishments in their hometown. Long Beach has produced more water polo Olympians than any other city in the nation, making the news that the city will host the men’s and women’s water polo tournaments a particularly exciting proposition.

“This will be the first time that an Olympic water polo tournament will be played in one of the sport’s meccas, it’s going to be an amazing opportunity for our sport for generations to…

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