Luke Skrable battles on to be heard in Little Rock City Hall – Arkansas News

Luke Skrable battles on to be heard in Little Rock City Hall – Arkansas News

  • LUKE SKRABLE: Shown in one of his earlier efforts to petition City Hall over grievances.

An update on the battle by Luke Skrable, a Southwest Little Rock civic gadfly, to have his voice heard in city government.

To summarize: Skrable has been banned from City Hall for more than three years as a result of a terroristic threatening charge successfully filed against him by City Manager Bruce Moore over an e-mail sent by Skrable after he wasn’t allowed to speak at a City Board meeting. A federal judge ruled recently that the city’s ban of Skrable from all city property was unconstitutional and instructed it to tailor something narrower to deal with Skrable.

Since then, City Attorney Tom Carpenter has drafted a series of modified bans that allowed Skrable to be on city property, except downtown, and said if he behaved for three more months (through early November), he’d be allowed to enter City Hall. But it says the ban can be extended should Skrable do anything violent or violate city “policy.”

Skrable’s lawyer has quit his case and the judge dismissed it before Skrable knew this. But he’s filed a petition on his own for the judge to consider whether the city is acting unconstitutionally in extending his ban through November. ┬áHer office has accepted the filing as a status report in the case. The city has also informed Magistrate Beth Deere of its…

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