Mountain Town News: Jackson braces for influx of shadow-loving sorts (column) – Colorado News

Mountain Town News: Jackson braces for influx of shadow-loving sorts (column) – Colorado News

JACKSON, Wyo. – Umbraphiles will soon hasten to Jackson Hole and other locations along the path where the moon will completely block the sun on the morning of Monday, Aug. 21.

Umbra is Latin for shadow, and some people will be flying in from around the world to see this spectacle. The United States has not had the sun getting totally mooned from Pacific to Atlantic since 1918. This eclipse will cross the country from just south of Portland, Oregon, to Charleston, South Carolina.

Jay Anderson traveled the path of the eclipse across America four years ago while preparing an extensive report on where best to get stationed to see the eclipse, based upon the likelihood of clear skies.

Jackson Hole isn’t the best, but it’s pretty near the top, with only a 34 percent chance of cloudy skies on that particular date, based on past meteorological observations. A retired meteorologist from Canada, Anderson tells the Jackson Hole News&Guide that even better odds for seeing the eclipse can be found in the deserts of eastern Oregon and, in Wyoming, at Riverton. Riverton is on the east side of the Wind River Range, about two hours from Jackson Hole.

Jackson Hole is bracing for a full house — including some who will be flying from across the world. Rod Hill, from Melbourne, Australia, told the News&Guide this will be his ninth full eclipse. “It’s very addictive,” he said.

Even in Riverton, motel rooms were scarce months ago. One California couple that will be flying to Denver then driving to Riverton, six hours away, had to settle for a smoking room when booking lodging several months ago. The New York Times, in a special section on Sunday, recommended Nebraska as the…

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