Oklahoma boys use raggedy field for baseball dreams – News – Times Record – Arkansas News

Oklahoma boys use raggedy field for baseball dreams – News – Times Record – Arkansas News

EDMOND, Okla. — Wearing a fluorescent orange shirt that rivaled the vibrancy of the pink cast on his left arm, Kaden Twyman marched to the plate with a bat held only in his right hand.

After watching a couple pitches and missing a couple more, the 9-year-old clubbed the ball across the infield.

Boys in blue shirts and white pants and red shoes and blue hats and black shorts and red hats scrambled after it.

All the while, no coaches screamed from the dugouts, no umpires worked the bases, no parents signaled from the coaching boxes. Truth is, there were no adults on the field at all.

It was glorious.

The Oklahoman reports that This summer, Tuesday nights at a raggedy field in northwest Edmond have provided a doorway to yesteryear. It’s like taking a time machine to an era when children played ball on their own and sandlots became an oasis of dreams.

Welcome to Unorganized Baseball.

What began with one dad’s desire to give baseball-loving boys a chance to recapture the innocence of the game has spread like wildfire. So many boys were interested in playing that the number had to be capped around two dozen. A few kids who were 12 and 13 even showed up and had to be told they were too old to play but just the right age to umpire.

Even on a diamond with a slightly sunken infield and bases tilting inward, it’s easy to see why the kids flock to the field off Kelly Avenue and Main Street.

“It’s just fun,” Kaden said.

That is music to David Murrell’s ears.

Earlier this summer while watching his oldest play ball, the father of six couldn’t help but notice what the younger siblings did during games. They’d gather together on a vacant…

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