President Trump’s friend in Aspen: Give the man a chance – California News

President Trump’s friend in Aspen: Give the man a chance – California News

A major fundraiser and supporter of Donald J. Trump suggested Thursday, Aug. 10, in Aspen that the president is taking his political licks for the betterment of America.

Thomas Barrack Jr., who served as chairman of the 58th Presidential Inaugural Committee and was senior adviser to Trump’s campaign, said the commander-in-chief’s abrasive, unorthodox style is forcing Americans to give greater examination to critical issues while the president gives a voice to the voiceless.

“The hyperbole creates dialogue,” Barrack Jr. told interviewer Jimmy Reiss in the final installment of the McCloskey Speaker Series hosted by the Aspen Institute.

Speaking before a near-capacity audience at Paepcke Auditorium, Barrack Jr. conceded he initially did not advocate Trump’s run for the Oval Office.

“Nobody advises Donald Trump,” he said. “President Trump advises you.”

Recent polls have put Trump’s approval ratings in the mid-30 percent range. Trump, however, entered an office with few political alliances like his predecessors, but he has managed to surround himself with some of the most qualified Cabinet members in U.S. history, thanks to their experience in business and finance, Barrack Jr. argued.

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All the while, Trump has been “chipping away” at a federal government by doing things his way rather than playing along with a tedious bureaucracy, he said.

“In a little while, the team will start getting in place,” said Barrack of the Trump administration, which has seen a number of resignations and terminations that include those of FBI Director James Comey, Press Secretary Sean Spicer, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and…

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