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Windows 10 does lightning-fast searches on one’s PC, but I’ve found that it sometimes misses stuff. Click on the Win10 Start Menu’s round “magnifying glass” to display: “Type here to search.” Enter a search term and Cortana will first examine your PC and then uses Bing to search the Internet.

If you think a target file is inside a particular folder, open the folder with a double-click and type a search term in the upper right hand box.

If you still can’t find what you’re seeking on your PC, you can download a free utility called “EVERYTHING” (from Unlike a traditional Win10 search, which looks for target words and phrases INSIDE of files and folders, EVERYTHING only searches the actual NAMES (titles) of your PC’s files and folders.

Personally, on my Win10 PC, I always use Google to do my Internet searches.

Mary Hanson wrote on the subject of defending against unsolicited boiler room phone calls: Even if you put your phone number on the government’s “Do Not Call” list (, scammers can use spoofed numbers to appear as though they originated in your area code.

Regarding toll-free numbers, most have 800 to 888 area codes (such as 833, 844, etc.).

You can check out, and report, any unknown phone number by going to and typing it in. This will display a number of websites with helpful information.

Mary added that “(631) 452-1240” and “(352) 050-8510” have each called her more than five times in one day.

By the way, the IRS will never call and strongarm you for money, nor do they send emails…

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