Spark 45 expands | Business – California News

Spark 45 expands | Business – California News

It’s been a little over two weeks since Spark 45 branched out with its new location on Carpinteria Avenue, and news of the new exercise facility is catching on like the recent wildfires. “Over the first two weeks, I’ve had 10 to 12 classes that have been full already.  On my second day open, I actually had a full class,” said owner Danielle Bordenave who opened her original venue on Maple Avenue in February of 2016.

Bordenave offers both physical therapy, which requires a doctor’s prescription, and an exercise regimen that’s based on founder Sebastian Lagree’s 45-minute workout which inspired Bordenave’s original studio. That location is now dedicated to the healing aspect of physical therapy, while the brand new, larger space, located at 4660 Carpinteria Ave. in Lavender Court, is geared toward overall fitness.

“In the next several weeks, I’ll be adding cycling classes,” said Bordenave, a Schwinn-certified cycling instructor. The new program will introduce a cardiovascular aspect to complement the strength-building quality of the Megaformer, the key apparatus in executing the Lagree discipline. “You’ll get legs (workout) on the bike, and you’ll get core and arms on the Megaformer,” explained Bordenave.   

Much of Spark 45’s popularity can be attributed to its loyal members who are dedicated to the program. “I have four of my current clients who are interested in becoming instructors,” said Bordenave.

Many of Bordenave’s clients recently have undertaken a challenge that involves 10…

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