Oklahoma gardener sells produce via the ‘honor system’ – News – Times Record – Arkansas News

Oklahoma gardener sells produce via the ‘honor system’ – News – Times Record – Arkansas News

DUNCAN, Okla. — One Duncan man is taking a leap of faith and trying something new when it comes to the iconic roadside produce stand. Inspired by farm stands seen across the country during his years in the trucking industry, as well as his own personal health journey, Floyd Carter began “The Healing Garden;” and is now selling his roadside produce in a unique way — by using the honor system.

Carter began his journey into gardening four years ago, after a health scare left him without a CDL and unable to continue trucking. 62-years-old at the time, Carter decided he had reached his retirement age, and it was past time to do what he had always loved — garden.

“What happened to me is I was on the road. I had 2 million miles driving a big truck — I had pneumonia when I was on the road and I was very healthy, but I had pneumonia and I contracted the H1N1 virus — up in Denver,” Carter said. “I barely made it home and they gave me five days to live and said I was not going to recover, that I was going to get progressively worse and die. And that wasn’t acceptable. And so (later) I started dehydrating, growing my own garden, and stuff like that and I’d dehydrate things. I had congestive heart failure and they sent me home to die after that again and so then they took my CDL to where I couldn’t drive anymore. I’m turning 66 in August this month, so I knew I was going to have to retire. I didn’t want to go look for a job and we just decided to do this. My wife is a nurse out at the hospital and this is what I’ve always wanted to do. When I was a little boy, my granddad had 2 thousand beehives. They called him…

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