Top 5 most-read stories on, week of Aug. 6 – Colorado News

Top 5 most-read stories on, week of Aug. 6 – Colorado News

Editor’s note: Below is a list of the top 5 most-read stories on the week of Aug. 6.

1. Summit Daily letters: Blue River ticket spoils Summit County vacation

A Missouri man left Summit County with a bad taste in his mouth after receiving a ticket for trespassing in Blue River. The man says he took his family to the Goose Pasture Tarn in Blue River to take a quick photo. However, the private lake is owned by the town and available for use only to property owners of the town, and he was approached by a Blue River officer and given a ticket. “Does Summit County really want me to visit? That is what I was asking myself after our seven-day visit last week. … Before I could say anything, he was threatening to arrest me. In the end, he said that he was going to do me a favor and not put me behind bars. Instead, he was only going to fine me $106 dollars.” He finished the letter saying this is the first and last trip for his family. “I prefer to vacation where I feel wanted. Not where an officer threatens to arrest me for snapping a souvenir photo of my family.”

2. Frisco town code sends BBQ dreams up in smoke

Monte McClenahan was sorely disappointed after he had to put his brand-new, custom-built 38-foot trailer into storage. His dreams of serving barbecue out of the $145,000 trailer on Main Street in Frisco were dashed after he ran head-on into strict enforcement of a town code that forbids anything like it from operating inside Frisco. With his application for a mobile food vendor’s permit denied and the window on an appeal he was never going to file anyway closed, McClenahan is moving on.

3. BREAKING: Fatal accident closes Swan Mountain Road

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