500 gallons of oil spilled at Ridgefield Road residence – Connecticut News

500 gallons of oil spilled at Ridgefield Road residence – Connecticut News

WILTON — An oil spill at a Ridgefield Road residence has contaminated at least two nearby drinking water wells and could potentially affect more households, according to officials from the state’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

On Sept. 7, the Wilton Fire Department was alerted by Connecticut State Police about an incident in which two residential oil tanks malfunctioned, spilling approximately 500 gallons of oil in the basement of the home at 715 Ridgefield Road.

“This is one of the larger spills I’ve seen in quite a while. Five hundred gallons is a lot, especially from a home spill,” said DEEP spokesman Dennis Schain.

Since the basement where the spill occurred has a dirt floor, the oil was absorbed through the dirt and seeped out of the house via cracks in the bedrock beneath the home.

This is particularly concerning for DEEP, Schain said, considering that water and sewage lines don’t extend into this section of Ridgefield Road, and thus there is a high concentration of drinking water wells in the area.

“Petroleum certainly can move through bedrock and its fissures, and you can’t really predict where it can come out,” Schain said. “It’s an unfortunate situation with this much fuel being released into the geology that we’re dealing with there.”

Though town officials originally warned residents within 500 feet of the oil spill to check their wells for contamination, DEEP has since increased that radius to households within 1,000 feet.

Schain said the department is still working to understand the extent of the oil spill.

So far, at least one drinking water well, located nearby at 721 Ridgefield Road, has…

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