Coastal Commission considers hoist | Local News Stories – California News

Coastal Commission considers hoist | Local News Stories – California News

Update: The California Coastal Commission has postponed its discussion on the hoist to a future meeting. 

The California Coastal Commission is slated to weigh in on the installation of a 19-foot hoist and relocation of a neighboring work dock at Pillar Point Harbor during its monthly meeting on Thursday.

Hoists are used for unloading seafood and fishing supplies from the boats, and each of Pillar Point Harbor’s three fish wholesalers currently has at least one located off of the harbor’s impound/storage dock. Each are permitted to have two.

Three Captains Sea Products, owned by Larry Fortado, is the wholesaler applying for the coastal development permit for the new proposed hoist and while the commission staff has indicated some concern around the project, it is encouraging its board to approve it with some conditions.

In the spring of 2014, Fortado installed a second hoist on Johnson Pier without seeking the necessary CDP, according to the Coastal Commission staff report. In September of that year, Fortado filed a request for an after-the-fact permit waiver with the Coastal Commission. The Coastal Commission was generally open to the waiver, seeing no major impact to sensitive habitat or water quality, but members of the local fishing community took issue. Some said it could potentially reduce income by creating delays for off-loading vessels and block access to the harbor’s fuel station.

Ultimately, the lack of local support caused the project to fizzle, and Fortado removed his second hoist in May 2016.

The new proposal…

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