ON HEALTH: Preparing for an emergency | National – Connecticut News

ON HEALTH: Preparing for an emergency | National – Connecticut News

With so many southern states devastated by the destruction of recent hurricanes, Maryland is pushing residents to be prepared for any tragedy. Are you ready?

As a child, October was always Fire Emergency Preparedness. We were pushed to have a plan in case of fire. How do you evacuate the house if there is a fire, especially if your usual way (front door, back door) is blocked by fire? Where would the family meet outside to insure everyone was safely out of the house?

The website Ready.gov explains further. One of the top questions is: Do you have an emergency contact list? And the responding activity asks: Do you have a list? Is it up-to-date? It also asks do you have a print copy or is the list only on your cell phone? What if you cell does work because power is off, do you know the numbers? And the list goes on.

There is also a relatively new online program called “NextDoor.com.” Over the past week, numerous communities that participate were also pushing the emergency preparedness program. A poll was taken with 856 responses to Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA). Here were the results as this article went to press: 42 percent of responders said they had no list of emergency contacts; 30 percent had a list, but it was only on their phone; 14 percent had the list on their phone and on paper; 10 percent said they had a list but it wasn’t updated; and four percent said they had a list but it is only on paper.

Interestingly, many of the comments that were left below the poll included some helpful tips. One was to laminate the paper…

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