Praise for newspaper’s series ‘The Boy in the Barn’ – California News

Praise for newspaper’s series ‘The Boy in the Barn’ – California News

Outstanding story that
needed to be exposed

Julia Prodis Sulek is to be commended, in the highest possible way, for her excellent investigative work for “The Boy in the Barn” series.

No matter if this tragic event occurred 28 years ago or 28 weeks ago, it needed to be brought to light. It shows how something of a conspiracy was committed involving a group akin to a fraternity.

Those players involved will always be under suspicion. Maybe one of them will find that his conscience has been bothering him to such an extent that he will confess … maybe on his deathbed.

Dawn Magnussen
Walnut Creek

Extraordinary research and
writing of important story

I am a long time subscriber and I am writing to commend Julia Prodis Sulek on her extraordinary writing, research and reporting of the story of Josh Klaver.

I have read every word of the six-part series. I was away for five days and had my neighbor take in my paper so I could finish the series when I returned home.

I simply do not have enough words of praise for Julia’s writing and reporting of this story. While I have no journalism background myself, I recognize her truly amazing writing and reporting skills. I thank Julia for this outstanding series, and thank Bay Area News Group for publishing it. I shall surely never forget this story.

Harriet Fernandez
San Jose

Relentless work exposed
horrendous errors made

Julia Prodis Sulek was relentless at attempting to search out the truth of what occurred on Jan. 30, 1989. God knows, horrendous errors were made.

So many things did not add up. Witnesses recanted statements. I believe out of fear of retaliation. Others were in cahoots with the brotherhood of the Sheriff’s…

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