Trash wars over in Whittier, but city will lose out on $5 million signing fee – California News

Trash wars over in Whittier, but city will lose out on $5 million signing fee – California News

WHITTIER >> The two-year trash war ended Tuesday when haulers Athens Services and Republic Services both clinched long-term contracts, but they don’t include a $5 million signing fee previously promised the city.

A contract giving the entire city to Athens, first approved in January 2016, was voided last year by a successful referendum campaign — financed by Republic Services, which had always served the east area of Whittier — and with it the $5 million.

Instead, interim contracts were negotiated with the two companies, splitting the city.

Now, the two companies will have eight-year contracts, which are expected to get the green light following a public hearing at the Sept. 27 council meeting.

City Manager Jeff Collier said Whittier isn’t getting the $5 million signing fee because the city has two trash companies, not one, serving the city.

“If we had one provider, we would have had a different deal,” Collier said.

“By splitting it in half, we get this fiscal arrangement,” he said. “I believe we negotiated a fair deal, but it is different from where we had one service provider.”

Whittier originally sought one trash company to pick up waste in the city, which traditionally had been served by city employees in the west and Republic in the east. City officials decided in 2015 to get out of the trash business, saying they no longer had the ability to be competitive.

The new contracts with Athens and Republic Service will take effect Nov. 1.

Monthly rates, which increased a year ago to $24.21 from $23.28, will remain the same.

Athens, which took over service from the city July 1, 2016, will…

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