Beach People – A Mermaid’s Tail – California News

Beach People – A Mermaid’s Tail – California News

 Robb Fulcher


Mermaid Linden in the Bahamas. Photo by Matthew Addison

Pioneering professional mermaid Linden Wolbert looks to the future, with Body Glove in tow

by Robb Fulcher

The waters of Loch Lomond dipped to a hypothermic 47 degrees as the world’s foremost professional mermaid glided into view, sporting an elegant, 50-pound silicone tail, and little else. Waiting on the shore in happy anticipation was a seriously ill, 9-year-old Scottish girl, who had drawn the golden-haired mermaid from the congenial waters of her Southern California home.

The visit, arranged to fulfill a dear wish of the Scottish girl, marked one of many interactions between “Mermaid Linden” Wolbert and the two central loves that propel her, the ocean and children.

Wolbert pioneered professional-quality mermaid performances in the early part of the millennium, parlaying her deep-diving athleticism, a fish-realistic tail with a monofin inside, and copious personal charm into a wildly successful business.

For more than a decade her schedule has overflowed with performances at fancy rooftop parties, baby showers, weddings, corporate events and trade shows as she cavorts in aquariums, the ocean, various bodies of freshwater, cramped, rented water tanks, and of course people’s swimming pools, where she frequently tows children in her wake.

This Saturday, Wolbert will swim and pose for photos with kids in the pool at Dive N’ Surf.

Throughout, her course remains set upon educating kids, in fun, bite size bits, about the ocean’s wonders. She blends this education into her appearances, and spreads…

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