Candlewood Lake Authority receives positive news after audit – Connecticut News

Candlewood Lake Authority receives positive news after audit – Connecticut News

A municipal auditor, brought on three years ago by the Candlewood Lake Authority after New Fairfield officials questioned its accounting procedures, says that just about all of her initial concerns have been resolved.

Accountant Sandra Welwood, who presented her third audit of the authority’s finances to the board Wednesday, said the last fiscal year was the most successful yet as far as improving internal controls of the authority’s finances.

“They made great strides, I wish all our clients were like that,” Welwood said. “Normally it takes a year to two years to make such improvements so they really whipped themselves into shape very quickly.”

The audit showed that the authority ended the last fiscal year with a $47,000 surplus.

New Fairfield had in the past objected to the authority’s handling of $56,000 in donations for educational purposes. They contended that it had been used instead to pay unexpected expenses — a charge authority officials disputed.

Last year, the town withheld the bulk of its yearly contribution to the authority for so long that the board in February began drafting a letter that would have requested additional funds from other delegate towns to cover New Fairfield’s portion.

The day after the authority began drafting the letter, New Fairfield paid its dues. John Hodge, a delegate from New Fairfield and the most outspoken on financial issues, was not immediately available for comment Thursday.

In her first audit, Welwood said it was true that grants and donations were “co-mingled” with normal operations funding. She added that this wasn’t inherently a wrong way to do things, but made it more difficult to…

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