Carder has support of this Castaic resident – Santa Clarita Valley Signal – California News

Carder has support of this Castaic resident – Santa Clarita Valley Signal – California News

Nell Campbell: Carder has support of this Castaic resident

By Signal Contributor

Last update: 18 hours ago

I write in total support of Lloyd Carder’s email challenge to Los Angeles County with regard to its boneheaded continuance of the Chiquita Canyon Landfill operation and its support for the Newhall Ranch development project.

Certainly, from my conversations with friends and neighbors, the landfill and the new development are not supported by the community, so Mr. Carder is not “pushing his own agenda” and certainly does represent me – unlike my designated Region One (Hillcrest Park) “representative” John Kunak, whom I did not encounter at any of the county Board of Supervisors or Planning Department meetings that I personally attended.

Local residents have many negative impacts stacked against them, with air pollution, water pollution, community health issues, “donations” to influence non-profits and politicians, environmental disregard for the surrounding area and the well-being of the Santa Clara River, the county’s agenda, to name a few.

In a nutshell, the landfill is a health hazard located immediately opposite the first phase of a development project that was approved more than two decades ago, before our current levels of drought and water shortage.

A suit has been filed by the Val Verde Community Association, Citizens for Chiquita Canyon Landfill Compliance and SCOPE, which have combined their grass-roots resources to fight the county’s misguided direction. Mr Preach’s suggestion that “the environmentalists” have a “sick agenda” is bizarre – how can taking care of the place we live in be…

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