City Council must reconcile opposing views on cannabis | Editorial – California News

City Council must reconcile opposing views on cannabis | Editorial – California News

It is increasingly clear there will be no consensus on whether Half Moon Bay should welcome cannabis cultivation or retail sales of marijuana. The rhetoric between those who see the benefits and those who focus on potential problems has grown increasingly stark.

Now, the people of the Coastside’s only city want to know: Where do elected leaders stand?

Well, three of them stand in Sacramento. Mayor Debbie Ruddock and Councilmembers Deborah Penrose and Harvey Rarback have all decided to attend a gathering of the League of California Cities rather than attend tonight’s public forum set specifically so city leaders could hear what residents have to say about regulating an herb that will in many respects become legal on Jan. 1.

City officials plan a Sept. 19 first reading of an ordinance that could clear the way for legal cultivation and retail sales of cannabis within the footprint of existing greenhouses. That is four work days after tonight’s public forum, which we were told last week would inform the city’s approach.

We aren’t high yet. There is no way city officials are rewriting their ordinance in that timeframe, and if the City Council was all that concerned with your input it wouldn’t have scheduled a forum for the same day most members were planning to be in the state capital.

That isn’t to say the city has been disinterested in your input to this point. About two dozen people attended a city forum on the subject several months ago; most people at that gathering were very supportive of local cultivation. It would…

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