Cloverdale school board reviewing independent study | News – California News

Cloverdale school board reviewing independent study | News – California News

School board reviews independent study policy and discusses energy and water conservation issues.

The Cloverdale school board’s lengthiest discussion centered on the issue of independent study requests, prompting a decision to review the entire policy.

Superintendent Jeremy Decker brought this issue before the board based on requests from site administrators, but multiple teachers in the audience also spoke in favor.

While discussion started with the issue of advance notice parents must give schools for independent study for their children, the discussion quickly branched out to encompass the entire policy itself.

According to teachers and administrators, Cloverdale has relatively large numbers of students who “go south” to visit extended families in Mexico or elsewhere for several weeks during the holiday season.

This puts schools in a challenging position—if they don’t offer independent study, they lose the per-student funding from the state known as the Average Daily Attendance formula, but often packets carefully assembled by teachers return untouched.

In addition, it seems Washington Middle School gets the most requests, and at the last minute before the holidays, teachers say they are expected to put together week’s worth of assignments in mere hours.

Ultimately, the board decided to rewrite its policy and the forms used to require 10 days notice on independent study requests, with allowance for site administrators to grant shorter notice, such as in a death in the family.

The larger issue of the program will be…

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