Culinary Crawl: Loved it! | Opinion – California News

Culinary Crawl: Loved it! | Opinion – California News

We had the fortune to attend the first Culinary Crawl sponsored by the Carpinteria Valley Chamber of Commerce this past Friday. Two colleagues and I sampled cuisine from several restaurants, bars, chocolaterias and bakeries we had not previously visited. We also enjoyed the live guitar music and art gallery exhibition at our final destination. I will definitely return soon to enjoy more of these fun places!

The idea of advertising the participating business establishments on white aprons was a stroke of genius. As we walked the streets going from site to site on our list, we were asked by at least five people what was the celebratory event. We had fun explaining the idea of a culinary crawl to people from Pasadena, France, Germany and other distant locales.

We were also so impressed with the graciousness and superlative knowledge shown by chamber representative Joyce Donaldson. She was thoroughly versed with Carpinteria facts, history, businesses and trends in the city. Joyce is an ideal goodwill ambassador for the city and its chamber of commerce.

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