Family demands video of man killed by train on Long Beach Metro platform – California News

Family demands video of man killed by train on Long Beach Metro platform – California News

Rosa Moreno cried and covered her face as she spoke in Spanish to a row of cameras outside the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority headquarters Thursday afternoon.

Midway through a sentence, she collapsed, unable to continue talking about her son, 23-year-old César Rodriguez, who’d died two weeks earlier after being hit by a Blue Line train in Long Beach.

“She wants justice,” said Rodriguez’s sister Evelia Granados, assuming the role of family spokesperson.

Granados said she doesn’t accept the Long Beach Police Department’s explanation that her brother was accidentally struck by the train while fleeing from an officer who found drugs after stopping Rodriguez on suspicion of skipping out on paying his fare.

“I don’t think that because he didn’t pay his fare, they should’ve killed him,” she said.

The family now wants to see the video of what happened on the night of Aug. 29.

Metro officials said security footage is recorded at its platforms and that video is being reviewed as part of the investigation. But a spokesman couldn’t say whether that video would ever be released to the public.

“We understand this is difficult for our whole community, as we all struggle with tragic events,” Metro said in a statement. “While the Long Beach Police Department, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and Metro Security continue to investigate this fatal incident and piece together exactly what happened, our heartfelt condolences go out to all involved.”

Long Beach police officials said they’ve obtained the security video from Metro, and it will not be released…

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