Fireworks make city feel like war zone | Letters To Editor – California News

Fireworks make city feel like war zone | Letters To Editor – California News

As night falls, our neighborhood feels like an episodic war zone. Beginning a week before July 4, we have been bombarded with fireworks, explosions and perhaps gunshots ringing out from Poplar Beach, Central Avenue, Myrtle Street, in the vicinity of Cameron’s Pub and Inn and Alsace Lorraine.

I see online comments such as, “My dog will no longer go out at night.” “My children asked why they were being shot at.” “I wonder how my neighbor, an Iraq vet, is handling this?”

So, here it is Sept. 4, and if anything, the explosions are increasing, mainly on the weekends. Once peaceful neighborhoods are becoming unsettling places to live. I’m told our animal shelter’s calls have increased every Fourth of July. Scientific studies conclude that from 50 to 70 percent of dogs have fear of explosions and thunderstorms. There are over two dozen replies to NextDoor about this issue.

Since the problem continues unabated, I and a few other neighbors are taking this issue to the Half Moon Bay City Council and will meet with the Coastside leader of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office in order to join together and help each other solve this very disturbing problem.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact me at And attend the City Council meeting on Sept.19 (at 7 p.m.) to express your concerns.

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