Hearing extended on Ursa Battlement plan – Colorado News

Hearing extended on Ursa Battlement plan – Colorado News

A project years in the making arrived before the Garfield County Planning Commission on Wednesday night as Ursa Resources sought to move forward with its operations in Battlement Mesa, but the company will have to wait another two weeks as, after five hours, the commissioners extended the public hearing to their next meeting.

The project includes applications for 55 natural gas wells to be drilled at two well pads in the unincorporated residential area, a small injection well at one of the pads, a natural gas pipeline associated with both pads and a temporary water storage facility.

Ursa owns mineral rights under the 5,000-person community and last year won Garfield County and state approval to drill for natural gas inside the Battlement Mesa housing area. Since then, the company has looked into placing an injection well within the planned unit development to dispose of wastewater more efficiently than trucking it away, a proposal that continues to receive heavy criticism.

In April, the Board of County Commissioners approved a small injection well within the PUD, knowing that Ursa would later have to convince the planning commissioners and later the county commissioners of the plan’s validity.

“I have not made up my mind with injection wells, but I’m willing to let Ursa come forward with their rationale why and where this is a good idea,” Commissioner Mike Samson said at the April hearing.

Six applications were brought before the Planning Commission on Wednesday night, each one involving Ursa’s future developments in Battlement Mesa.

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