Hey DJ: DJ Method – By cli – September 14, 2017 – California News

Hey DJ: DJ Method – By cli – September 14, 2017 – California News

When one considers the benefits of military service, perks such as learning job skills, seeing the world, and saving money for college might come to mind. Becoming a better DJ, however, is not typically part of the recruiter’s sales pitch. But according to Bay Area native Christopher Conley, aka DJ Method, it was down-time while stationed in a tiny town in New Mexico that inspired him to turn a hobby into a successful career.

Today, he has more than 12 years of DJ experience, and he’s known for his open-format style. We caught up with DJ Method about what open-format means, the weirdest DJ faux pas he’s seen, and his advocacy for backing up hard drives.

Catch DJ Method this Friday, Sept. 15 at Sip Lounge and Saturday, Sept. 16 at Stock in Trade and on WILD94.9’s Saturday Night Street Party from 11 p.m. to midnight.

We heard you learned to DJ in the military. What was that experience like?
Actually, it was pretty much the same as learning anywhere else. I was a city kid through and through so being stationed in a tiny town in New Mexico was a pretty big culture shock. Also, if you’re not deployed and not studying for promotion, there’s a lot of free time when you’re not working. Being a late teen with not much to do in a small town is a dangerous proposition, so I had a friend of mine send me his old pair of beginner turntables. I hooked them up in my dorm room on base and started searching for record shops online. (There were none.) Then it was just teaching myself how to beat-match and mix singles together. After a while, I was allowed to move off-base, and I kind of became known as the DJ guy, so we started having parties at friends houses. It was…

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