Hotel project would celebrate Carlsbad’s mineral water history – California News

Hotel project would celebrate Carlsbad’s mineral water history – California News

A proposed hotel, spa and condos that capitalize on Carlsbad’s 135-year-old mineral water wells got the go-ahead this week for construction on a small vacant lot near the historic business along Carlsbad Boulevard.

“This is basically … a scaled-down replacement of a previous hotel that existed on this site,” said Mike Howes, a longtime Carlsbad real estate and planning consultant, who presented details of the Beach Village Life project Tuesday to the City Council.

The original Carlsbad Hotel was a four-story, 85-room, mineral springs health resort completed in 1887. People came by train from across the country to visit the resort, known for its therapeutic waters, until a spectacular fire burned the wooden structure to the ground in 1896.

Also, across Carlsbad Boulevard from the privately owned wells, the existing Carlsbad By the Sea retirement home was built in 1930 as a health resort that originally piped in the mineral water for its guests. Today, the alkaline mineral water, discovered in 1882 by one of the city’s founders, Capt. John Frazier, is bottled and sold in more than 900 stores across the region to enthusiastic consumers.

“All the rooms at our proposed facility will have three types of water,” Howes said. “Our regular Colorado River (tap water) that we drink when we have to … the good quality alkaline water that people come to buy, and we’ll also have the highly mineralized water for bathing in.”

The City Council approved the permits needed for the hotel project on a 4-1 vote with Councilwoman Cori Schumacher opposed. She called it a “top quality project,” but said she would prefer to see the…

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