James Caldwell: Charlottesville — Communists, fascists at work? – California News

James Caldwell: Charlottesville — Communists, fascists at work? – California News

I watched the upheaval at Aug. 12 Charlottesville, Virginia on TV. Both sides were inspired by wrong-thinking people: communists on one side and fascists on the other. It appears that too many Americans don’t know what a communist is or what a fascist is. I will make it as simple as possible. Both sides are socialist.

Socialism is necessary in a modern dictatorship, so that the private sector cannot cut off a military that is ruling its country by force. Communists start by rallying the underprivileged behind them and convincing them that everyone else is their adversary. Fascists will rally everyone else behind them, convincing them that the underprivileged are their adversaries.

Upheavals like in Charlottesville are inspired to tempt our lawmakers to pass bills centralizing more power in government. We already have civil rights laws, labor laws and environmental laws that are steps toward government control of our defense industries and violate the 10th Amendment of our Constitution.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with the Constitution or any civil rights lawyers who think they know the Constitution, the 10th Amendment is the one that limits the federal government to the powers specifically delegated to it. Americans need to wise up to subversive activities and hold our lawmakers accountable when they violate the Constitution.

James Caldwell

Doyle, California

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