Joseph Innis: ‘Image Nation’ valuable to veterans – California News

Joseph Innis: ‘Image Nation’ valuable to veterans – California News

I recently read in The Union that the Nevada County Arts Council lost its grant for funding Image Nation, a program for veterans in the arts.

As a recent participant in this program, I am dismayed that this fine educational initiative is now lost to present and future veterans in Nevada County. Since retiring after 26 years of active duty in 1987, I have observed and participated in a number of programs designed to aid veterans as they transition back to civilian life. These programs mean well and provide assistance, but they all focus on the problems veterans face.

The Image Nation program is unique in its focus, it intends to enhance the quality of a veteran’s life through artistic endeavor. In a seminar setting, Image Nation guides the participants in the exploration of the art of photography. Our group learned to use the camera as an instrument of art, presented our work for discussion, learned from and taught each other and, I believe, improved the quality of our lives through participation in Image Nation.

This incredibly positive experience should not be denied the Nevada County veteran community.

Joseph F. Innis, LTC, USA (Ret)

Grass Valley

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