Letters to the Editor 9-14-17 – California News

Letters to the Editor 9-14-17 – California News

 Judy Rae

Don’t trumpet Trump

Dear ER:

An enthusiastic “second” to Joe Ferrell’s letter criticizing the Matt Wuerker cartoon about Hurricane Harvey (“Kicking Harvey victims” ER Letters, Aug. 31, 2007). Easy Reader proclaims Hometown News for the Beach Cities, so do just that, and spare us the

“Trump Derangement Syndrome.” There’s enough evidence of it in plenty of other places.

Bob White

Manhattan Beach  


Harvey wallbanger

Dear ER:

I was thrilled to see someone pointing out the rampant hypocrisy of a state that won’t allow local zoning laws (“Hurricane Harvey cartoon, by Matt Wuerker, ER Aug. 31, 2017). Because, by golly, they’re freedom-loving people and don’t need the gov-mint telling them what to do (“and wouldn’t it be great if we could secede from the rest of the backwards U.S.”). Only now they are  calling out for everyone to help them, most importantly the federal government. Not enough of the media is pointing out the sickening irony of people who won’t plan for the future suddenly crying about how unfair life is. The Harvey disaster could have been mitigated with proper city planning and considerations for possible environmental catastrophes. But that would’ve infringed their freedoms. Yes, it’s horrific what has happened to so many innocent lives, but there are some large lessons here. Congratulations to Easy Reader for being one of the few willing to point out that the emperor isn’t wearing clothes.

Matthew Yagle

Redondo Beach


Prospect of Vista Del Mar

Dear ER:

Hermosa Beach is…

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