Market Report: Time to reflect | Opinion – California News

Market Report: Time to reflect | Opinion – California News

September is upon us. As we move into fall, the market takes on a different hue.

The Zucchini Festival on Aug. 19, for those who missed it, ushered in the feeling of the coming season. Hay bales, squash of all colors and scarecrows surrounded the race track, where kids and kids-at-heart, decorated and raced wheel-laden zucchini for an assortment of prizes. This is the kind of celebration I associate with autumn.

When I look around the market these days the colors have shifted from primarily greens to oranges, reds and yellows. Peppers of every shape and size call out to me. Plump tomatoes glisten from so many booths, along with yellow squash and lemon cukes. The market feels tamer somehow. Kids are back in school. Life feels a bit more orderly.

This is a reflective time for me, as the market manager. I’m a few months from finishing the season, and see both the triumphs and challenges of this position.

I love Saturday market. It has the perfect combination of local produce, food product, prepared foods and craft in my eyes. The community commingling with an endless stream of visitors feels just right.

I don’t know how much I was instrumental in building the market, as it has a great reputation, so was an incredibly easy sell. Each week I look forward to chatting…

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