MPS CEO opposed by lawsuit, some board members – Alabama News

MPS CEO opposed by lawsuit, some board members – Alabama News


AEA outlines lawsuit against Sentance

The Alabama Education Association filed a lawsuit Wednesday alleging, among other things, that Montgomery Public Schools’ chief education officer is acting “illegally” as superintendent, and some MPS board members supported the claim.

“The local board is without legal counsel. The local board is without a local superintendent,” said Robert Porterfield, president of the MPS board, Wednesday at a preliminary hearing for the lawsuit.

More: MPS board open to intervention post-Sentance, wants more ‘collaboration’

Reginald Eggleston was appointed chief educational officer of the state intervention into MPS by former state superintendent Michael Sentance. Eggleston’s role was to oversee the state intervention into 27 low-performing schools while the MPS board oversaw the remaining schools. After the resignation of MPS Superintendent Margaret Allen this summer, Sentance delegated her responsibilities to Eggleston, a move Porterfield said was against the board’s wishes to select their own superintendent.

“It’s my understanding the statute states that within 180 days after a superintendent’s resignation that the local board has a right to put a superintendent in place,” Porterfield said. “Eggleston was put in place by the state department, and certainly he can’t serve two masters.”

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