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Photo courtesy Linda Guthrie

Fourth grade students from Ms. Guthrie’s class participated in an annual ritual – learning how to harvest fish eggs and milt from chum salmon.

Meeting canceled

The board of education canceled its regularly scheduled second meeting in September.

The move came during Monday night’s meeting at the suggestion of board president Joe Prax.

A lack of agenda prompted the move according the Prax.

“For the public, no meeting on Sept 25 and the next meeting is October 9,” he said.

Egg take

Fourth graders in Ms. Linda Guthrie’s class at Hermon Hutchens Elementary School participated in what has become an annual rite at the beginning of the school year: harvesting chum salmon eggs.

Fritz Kraus, “Fishman”, retired Fish and Game Biologist, traveled to Valdez to help with the project.

“We harvested chum salmon eggs at Crooked Creek and brought them back to the classroom where we will incubate them in an aquarium with a flow through chiller,” Guthrie said in an email. ” They will hatch about Christmas time and the students will feed them and maintain the tank.”

The class will then raise the fry until spring.

“We will release them back into Crooked Creek in May,” Guthrie said. “This project is funded by donations made to me by the citizens of Valdez. I set up a little table at the Post Office and people were very generous in making donations to fund this project for my 4th grade students. We appreciate their help in making this project possible.”

Rain statistics

Yes, it was really wet in Valdez last week.

The rainfall recorded September 4- 10 measured 2.65 inches. That brings to total recorded between Jan. 1 – September 10 up to 38.92 inches according to…

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