State Parks employees need help | Letters To Editor – California News

State Parks employees need help | Letters To Editor – California News

As the end of summer rapidly approaches, I would like to express my gratitude and heartfelt thanks to all Coastsiders who voluntarily clean our beautiful state parks, beaches and trails.

Some of you are well known to us and others anonymously pick up litter because you care and want to help. As a State Parks seasonal maintenance worker, I would like to apologize for the poor conditions of our coastal parks, including the Coastal Trail. The Half Moon Bay maintenance crew consists of one-third the staff we had last year, and we are embarrassed and heartbroken by the current conditions. Our pleas for additional staffing have fallen on deaf ears as we are told to “work faster” to fulfill the overwhelming responsibilities of cleaning and maintaining our wonderful coastal parks.

On certain days of the week, one seasonal employee is scheduled to clean facilities for approximately 43 miles of coastline, including two campgrounds. I encourage everyone who cares about our coastal state parks to send your concerns to the California State Parks Santa Cruz District Superintendent, 303 Big Trees Park, Felton, CA 95018. Please help us restore our coastal parks to the treasure that they are for all of us to enjoy.

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