Talk Back writers disagree sharply about Trump’s DACA action – California News

Talk Back writers disagree sharply about Trump’s DACA action – California News

Time the nation owned
immigration complicity

Have we forgotten that undocumented workers were invited and allowed to come here to the U.S. for decades, even under Republican administrations? Officials and immigration looked the other way with token deportation and little punishment of those who hired them.

From high up, this policy of rules-neglect spread over the land. I suspect many thought, “It’s good for business.” And now Trump says he doesn’t want to punish their children, but “we are a nation of opportunity because we are a nation of laws!”

We need to pay our dues for causing millions to seek and find opportunities, bring their kids, stay, make home and babies. We’re responsible for their bosses making great profit undercover. In our hearts, we know that if employers had constantly been found, punished, fined, shut down and jailed by government, this problem wouldn’t exist. And now we might be making our America home-grown people into refugees? Just as they add more to our economy?

We’ve all benefited from their parents’ labors, eaten the food they’ve picked and packaged. Let’s own American guilt and take the moral road this time.

Sue Roberts
El Cerrito

We owe these individual
nothing, they aren’t legal

Yes, Trump was right canceling DACA. These people are illegal. They were protected by Obama with an unconstitutional executive order. Trump is right that it’s Congresses job to deal with this — or not.

Some don’t seem to understand what illegal means, calling these people “undocumented immigrants” or, even worse, “undocumented citizens.”

What constitutes a…

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