The Hawk Pros keep pigeons, other pesky birds away – California News

The Hawk Pros keep pigeons, other pesky birds away – California News

Think of them as bird bouncers of the sky.

When Danny, Riley or Esperanza take to the air, pigeons that are apt to create a mess quickly scatter. And that’s exactly what The Hawk Pros hopes will happen. The Camarillo-based business provides trained hawks and falcons whose job is to keep pigeons and other problem birds away, whether they’ve left their mess at an outside dining area or near the entrance to a public building.

Alyssa Bordonaro, who founded the business in 2011 along with her husband, Mike, said they’ve built up a roster of about 20 clients.

“We mostly service commercial buildings — hotels, malls and things like that,” the 30-year-old Camarillo entrepreneur said. “We have five to 10 birds working at any given time.”

• Photos: Putting birds of prey into service

On Wednesday, Hawk Pros handler Lindsey Benger brought “Danny,” a female Harris hawk, to the 73-story U.S. Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles to circle the building’s outside stairway and fountain area to drive problem-causing birds away.

Danny flew and periodically landed on various parts of the building, the trees or the fountain.

They like their job

The raptors are transported in boxes and are initially tethered to a thick leather glove the handler wears. That serves as their perch before taking off.

“They’re usually very excited to do their job,” said Benger, 24, who lives in Simi Valley. “Chasing pigeons comes natural to them, so they’re always ready to jump off and go.”

Once Danny has flown the property and cleared it of any pests, she swoops down to Benger to return home.

Training via baby steps

Each time a…

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