They’re still fighting over marijuana legalization in Montebello – California News

They’re still fighting over marijuana legalization in Montebello – California News

MONTEBELLO >> The city took a step this week to allowing some marijuana businesses — although the debate continues.

The City Council voted 4-1 Wednesday to amend the city’s business license law, allowing indoor cultivation, manufacturing and testing of marijuana

But those opposed, who had asked for a town hall meeting, will get their wish.

A final decision is expected at the Sept. 27 meeting when the council will consider a zone change ordinance that would allow the three uses in industrial areas 600 feet away from schools.

The topic Wednesday — especially the request for a town hall meeting — stirred debate..

“In all the years, I’ve sat on this council I’ve never seen anything railroaded through so quickly,” Councilman Bill Molinari said. “This first came up on Aug. 27 and it’s expected to conclude on Oct. 11.”

Molinari was unhappy that City Manager Francesca Tucker-Schuyler said in a memorandum to the council that the town hall would be held as part of the Sept. 27 public hearing.

“Everyone agreed that a town hall meeting would be beneficial, but come on let’s get real. There are time constraints (at a council meeting),” he said. “Why are you reluctant to hold this?”

Molinari said a town hall meeting would allow time to air out all the issues, such as potential locations for marijuana businesses, impacts and revenue to the city.

Councilwoman Vanessa Delgado disagreed the issue is being rushed, saying there will be many hearings, and already there have been three, counting Wednesday’s.

But the city doesn’t have all the time in the world, Councilman Jack Hadjinian said, calling for a…

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