Wings Over the Rockies taking part in Colo. Springs airshow – Colorado News

Wings Over the Rockies taking part in Colo. Springs airshow – Colorado News

AURORA | Flying has become just another mundane thing in modern life. Concerns with cramped seats, long layovers and lost luggage are what occupy most people when they step into an airplane.

There is still something in us that is amazed by flight though, even if the idea of traveling by plane fills us more with annoyance than inspiration. It wasn’t long ago, 104 years to be exact, when the thought of a human strapping themselves into a contraption with a couple of wings and soaring above the ground was the stuff of fiction and the rantings of mad men.

All it takes to rekindle that awe is a reminder that there is something special about a flightless land mammal being able to soar above the ground, like seeing a World War II era B-25 bomber flying overhead.

Aviation museum Wings Over the Rockies has partnered with the Pikes Peak Regional Air Show this year and there will be plenty of aviation inspiration on hand in Colorado Springs on Sept. 23-24 for the event. Not only will patrons be able to check out flying classics like the B-25 bomber, P-47 Thunderbolt and Wings Over the Rockies’ own 1942 Boeing Stearman biplane, but the U.S. Air Forces legendary flight team the Thunderbirds will be the main act for the two-day event.

The show produced by an all volunteer staff will benefit The National Museum of World War II Aviation, the Fort Carson 4th Infantry Division Museum and the Peterson Air and Space Museum.

One of the main reasons to go to an air show is because there’s nothing more inspiring than seeing a pilot fly a ton of metal at several hundred miles per hour through the air while performing loops that make even land bound observers queasy. But…

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