Beach books – Politics, Hermosa style – California News

Beach books – Politics, Hermosa style – California News

 Robb Fulcher

Then Hermosa Beach Mayor Kit Bobko introduces legendary surfers Mike Doyle and John Joseph during the April 2013 Hermosa Beach Surfer Walk of Fame inductions. Photo by Mike Balzer

Former Hermosa Beach councilman Kit Bobko writes about oil and other controversial issues in his insider’s guide to local politics

by Robb Fulcher

Nine Secrets for Getting Elected,” 258 pages, is available through Amazon.

Former Hermosa Councilman Kit Bobko has turned his experience inside City Hall into an entertaining and information-rich book about the triumphs and vicissitudes of bigtime politics in small town America.

“Nine Secrets for Getting Elected” is partly a how-to book for prospective office seekers, and partly a memoir of a tumultuous and transformative period in Hermosa Beach’s recent history.

Bobko captures the long and short of political life in the Beach Cities from the multimillion-dollar matter of potential city bankruptcy, to the jittery importance of opening the Little League season with the ceremonial first pitch.

The book’s how-to lessons are woven into the memoir’s anecdotal flow, revealing the strategies and tactics of electoral politics without slowing down the narrative. Along the way Bobko, an Air Force veteran and self-described Reagan Republican, makes the case that even small-town government can be too big, and too free to impose its will where it’s not needed.

Bobko, who served on the Hermosa Beach City Council from 2006 to 2013, describes fighting what he saw as too much business regulation, and environmentalism run amok. He describes…

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