Beach Boys’ Mike Love shares his secrets to success | Music – Arizona News

Beach Boys’ Mike Love shares his secrets to success | Music – Arizona News

Beach Boys lead singer Mike Love released an autobiography that covers the long and, at times, tumultuous history of the group, not to mention more than a few parts of his personal life.

But when asked what he hopes readers will take away from the book, “Good Vibrations: My Life as a Beach Boy,” Love points to something that might surprise some – his lifestyle.

“I’m hoping they get the fact that the reason I’m still doing what I’m doing at the level we’re doing it, meaning a volume of work and stuff like that, is probably because I chose a path that wasn’t a path of all the nefarious drugs that my cousins did. I mean, serious, serious stuff, and I chose not to,” said Love, referring to his Beach Boys bandmates, brothers Brian, Carl and Dennis Wilson.

“I will say that during the ’60s, I did my share of weed. But once I learned to meditate, I gave up hard liquor and anything to do with drugs. So that meditation has given me the ability to relax and yet gain more energy and clarity and be able to withstand the negatives that are thrown at you.”

Love learned meditation in 1967 from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi – the same man who introduced meditation to The Beatles – and it has been a twice-daily practice of the singer ever since.

Love indeed remains very much a working musician, fronting the latest incarnation of The Beach Boys as the group annually plays 150-plus shows, including a Sunday, Sept. 17, gig at the Mesa Arts Center. And a Beach Boys show is usually quite generous compared to the sets most bands play as…

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