Blacks targeted, accused of turning Pike Road apartment into ‘ghetto,’ lawsuit claims – Alabama News

Blacks targeted, accused of turning Pike Road apartment into ‘ghetto,’ lawsuit claims – Alabama News


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Black children were virtually barred from leaving their apartments without adult supervision, and families faced fines for violating rules that, according to a lawsuit headed to pretrial Wednesday, targeted black residents who were accused of lowering the property value.

The federal suit, along with a separate case filed by a former employee, allege that ownership and management of the Grand Reserve at Pike Road apartments repeatedly discriminated against black staff and residents through intentionally prejudiced rules, monetary threats and unjustified staff firings.

Kimberly and Dedric Belcher, along with their three minor children, allege several rules created in March 2015 — as well as an existing one from 2012 — prevented their children from leaving the family’s apartment without adult supervision.

The property manager allegedly told Kimberly Belcher that “we are not the ghetto.”

The rules barred kids 18 and younger from using the pool, gym and sauna without an adult, court documents show. Children 17 and younger had an 8:30 p.m. curfew and were required to be accompanied by an adult when on the complex, except when heading to the school bus area, per court documents.

Violation of the gym rule carried a $200 fine.

White children were often in the gym, out on the property and in the laundry room without their parents, Blecher said in court documents, adding that maintenance workers questioned black children at the pool, something she never saw happen to white children.

The family alleges that the rules were…

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