Blue Ocean says parts of the Windsor Mill will be saved in new construction – Colorado News

Blue Ocean says parts of the Windsor Mill will be saved in new construction – Colorado News

Just over a month after an intentionally set fire blazed through the Windsor Mill, the building’s owner plans to salvage as much of the historic part of the building that it can while it continues developing the property.

The mill was destroyed in a fire once before in 1899, according to Caitlin Heusser, museum curator for the town of Windsor. The mill that burned this year was built in 1900, but it also was damaged in a 2008 tornado.

Building owner Blue Ocean Enterprises Inc. had big plans for the five-story mill at 301 Main St., including a brewery and community event space. The $9.2 million project was bolstered by a $3.7 million development incentive package from the town. The businesses planning to go into the building have not all been announced, but all are still on board with the project after the fire, according to Blue Ocean.

Because the site was placed on the historic register, Blue Ocean was working under different development guidelines and rules than it is now, but a company spokesman said Friday the business plans to keep its previous pledge to honor the site’s history.

“Blue Ocean fully intends to respect the historical fabric of what was there with size, shape and mass, and roof line, so our plans are to try to put something back there that reflects that,” said Steve Schroyer, director of real estate for Blue Ocean.

Brick testing for the building’s structural integrity offered hope to the owners.

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“The good news is all the brick you see out there is in really pretty good shape,” Schroyer said.

Some of the posts and beams inside the structure, and in the basement where the Windsor Mill Tavern…

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