Church seeks deeper connections | Community – California News

Church seeks deeper connections | Community – California News

As fallout continues over the latest announcements regarding immigration policy, a local religious institution has partnered with members of the Latino community in order to provide a series of public forums and other events aimed at building deeper connections between Coastsiders.

“Pre- and post-election, all the talk and anxiety produced about immigration and deportation and ICE raids really brought a lot of attention and focus all over the place as people tried to formulate responses,” said Chris Warner-Carey, a member of the Community United Methodist Church in Half Moon Bay. “Some folks in the congregation were wondering how to become involved and started asking around to some of the local groups in the community (and) what we kind of discovered is that a lot of us don’t have a lot of close connections in the community.”

As a result of this soul searching, the church connected with Ayudando Latino A Soñar, a grassroots cultural arts program in Half Moon Bay. The result of the collaboration is an eight-week series called “One Love: Bridging Communities/Comunidades.”

“This is an experiment in this community-building,” said Warner-Carey. “We are optimistic and we hope people will participate. Anyone is welcome to come. You don’t have to be part of the church.”

Members of the Latino community will share their own stories in a panel discussion while participating in group exercises designed to foster deeper connections.

“Some speakers from the Ayudando Latino A Soñar will share their stories about how…

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