Column: Sports gets political, but much of it does no good | Sports – California News

Column: Sports gets political, but much of it does no good | Sports – California News

Colin Kaepernick still can’t find a job in the NFL, though he continues to make a difference while paying a huge price for his politics.

Then there’s all the other chatter we hear from the sports world, much of it doing little to no good when it comes to advancing the conversation in these divisive times.

The latest brouhaha erupted this week, pitting ESPN host Jemele Hill against President Trump.

To briefly recap, Hill tweeted that the president is “a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself (with) other white supremacists.” The White House spokeswoman called that comment “a fireable offense.”

ESPN distanced itself from Hill’s opinion but took no other real action as far as we know. The host apologized for putting her employer in “an unfair light,” though not for what she said. Trump weighed in Friday — yep, in one of his early morning rants on Twitter — by claiming ESPN dwindling subscriber numbers are due to “its politics” (they’re not, by the way) and demanding that someone “apologize for untruth!”

And where are we since all this began?

Not a bit closer to dealing with perplexing problems that are tearing us apart.

Before we go any further, this isn’t one of those pleas to make sports our escape hatch from reality. Even though it can certainly provide a few hours of respite from the nastiness of politics, or even help soothe our wounds in times of national tragedy as we’ve seen in the wake of two devastating hurricanes, it’s always been more than that.

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