Crews prepare to pour concrete for Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge in Big Sur – California News

Crews prepare to pour concrete for Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge in Big Sur – California News

Big Sur >> As work continues with an eye on mid October as the completion date, Caltrans crews poured concrete Friday for the Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge end diaphragms.

According to David Galarza, Caltrans’ structure representative for the project, the diaphragms will lock the three girders into place in the abutments. He said crews have completed installing the deck reinforcement steel.

“We’re also concurrently doing a bunch of roadway grading on the south side of the bridge,” he said.

Iron workers will likely return next week on Friday or Saturday to start laying iron for the approach slab.

“Next week we’ll install the Bid-Well concrete paving machine on the bridge deck, on the falsework, and grade that,” Galarza said. “Then next Friday evening, we should do our concrete pour for the bridge deck and the approach slab at abutment 1.”

Crews will be pouring approximately 650 cubic yards of concrete at night in part so the concrete trucks can avoid traffic on Highway 1.

According to Galarza, the project is on schedule.

“I think mid October is still looking really good right now,” he said.

At this point, Galarza said the major focus for crews is getting the concrete deck and approach slabs cast.

“All the concrete is coming in from the north side,” he said. “Once that’s done, that’s going to be another huge milestone for the project. The concrete will need some time to cure and to gain strength. While it’s gaining strength, we will be completing roadway work on the north side and the south side and putting on some bridge deck railing.”

Crews demolished the old Pfeiffer Canyon Bridge in March…

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