Groups Demand Answers at Motel 6 That Worked With ICE – Arizona News

Groups Demand Answers at Motel 6 That Worked With ICE – Arizona News

Backlash from Phoenix New Times’ revelation that Motel 6 employees coordinated with immigration officers intensified Friday, not only here but around the nation. Community groups and legislators denounced the practice outside one of the locations that repeatedly turned over guest lists to ICE.

In Phoenix, with the blue-and-red “6” emblem behind them, speakers called for a boycott of the company and spoke of betrayal across the street from one of the two motels, located at 1530 North 52nd Drive, where ICE arrested 20 or more guests.

“For businesses out there, if you’re in our communities profiting from us, from our hard-earned money, and you want to be racist and hurt our communities, just know that we’re going to find out, and we’re going to make sure that our economic power is not going to you,” said Viridiana Hernandez, of the Center for Neighborhood Leadership.

Hernandez said Motel 6 should change its policies and fire the employees responsible — immediately. She added, “And I want to know: What are they going to do to support the 20 families that are now in deportation proceedings because of their actions?”

A local hotel workers’ union, Unite Here Local 11, demanded a complete accounting of the practice. Members asked Motel 6’s parent company to reverse course, disavow the practice, and repair the damage by joining other hotel industry leaders who have voiced support for measures that protect undocumented immigrants, such as DACA.

Lucia Vergara, 38, a member of the union’s executive board, told New Times, “As soon as I heard what was going on, it broke my heart.” Motel 6 should not cooperate with ICE in any way other than what is required by law, she…

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