Letter: Red Cliff, if you value quietude, you’ll be represented – Colorado News

Letter: Red Cliff, if you value quietude, you’ll be represented – Colorado News

Thank you, Red Cliff, for a quite respectable voter turnout for a council-only ballot. My support lacked the effervescence I’d hoped for, but I assure you, my supporters, your values will be vigorously represented. The snowmobile cage fight grudge match on the streets of Red Cliff, which the current board’s voting record clearly endorsed, will not be allowed to creep. The narrative that Red Cliff’s commercial success relative to having said motorized recreational vehicle business operating snowmobiles through our town and making our property values rise is so completely misguided.

Hear that? It’s quiet now that the snow has melted off the Shrine Pass Road (I’ve heard 4 miles up) and the snowmobile traffic is nil. The quiet that we all value is back. Property values are of interest to all. If we value quietude, and that quality, in turn, makes us appreciate our town, then the value of living here is increased.

Like-minded souls will seek to have some of our treasure and want to be here. I will trumpet our good fortune and battle all that oppose our values. We are set to be discovered. This is a unique, wonderful place that folks will be fighting over as the Eagle River Valley floor becomes the even more crowded, commercially successful metropolis it is destined to be.

The past year has taken a toll. The loss of sleep and legal cost to me personally has shortened my lifespan. The council is dreading me being on the board to showcase their agenda. My time spent could be short if they consider moving along with the same program. So to them I say, “have at it because you’re killing me.”

Jake Spears

Red Cliff

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