Letters to the Editor – Arkansas News

Letters to the Editor – Arkansas News

The Baxter Bulletin

Published 12:51 a.m. CT Sept. 16, 2017

Medicare for everyone is single payer

Curt Longhenry,

Mountain Home

Medicare for everyone is just another name for single player. If you want the government to control a very important part of your life, you will like single payer.

The Democrat/Socialist Bernie Sanders is proposing this plan, but he has no idea what it will cost or how it will be paid for. If you think that single payer would be a good plan, talk to a Veteran and see what that looks like.

The Democrats already tried to force insurance companies to provide mandatory depression screening for all insured. But the insurance companies refused. Why would the Democrats want this? The main reason was so that they could determine that you were depressed, they could force you to turn in your guns and ammo, because of your mental state.

You think that they wouldn’t love to have that kind of power?

Under single payer, they could make it mandatory for any kind of screening they wanted to do. They could do the same thing with vaccinations. They could require mandatory vaccinations and if we didn’t get them, we would be subject to fines and other penalties.

So if you like your health, you can keep your health, but keep it to keep the government from having complete control. The government that gets this kind of power will use it.

Under socialism, the state comes first, the people come last. Under single payer, we will be well on our way to socialism. If you like being free, call you representatives, tell them no to single payer.

In the mean time, pray for them, us and our country. God bless America!

A thank you to a fellow…

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