Orchids and Onions; Saturday, September 16, 2017 | Lifestyle – Arizona News

Orchids and Onions; Saturday, September 16, 2017 | Lifestyle – Arizona News

Another beautiful day in Havasu…

Orchids to the professionals who know the truth about the butcher of Havasu. Facts will always follow you. Most people research those who work on them.

Onions to the flag flyer on Bear Dr. That was me and I apologize. Didn’t mean to disrespect our flag. Proud American

Orchids to the car wash on Oro Grande and SR 95.When machinery failed, I received a voucher for a wash. I purchased a cheapie wash; voucher was for deluxe wash. How generous. This is why we need to support our local business partners.

Onions to the laundromat for having no soft water. How can I dry clothes when all the dryers were down? Never returning.

Orchids to Cenah, the sweet teller at Wells Fargo, for being so nice to my handicapped mom. I appreciate it so much.

Onions to the fence company that doesn’t finish the job. Got paid but never came back.

Onions to local lawyers refusing tosue medical providers. How else can this mess be cleaned up? That’s why I go out of town for care. Twenty years here; bad stories heard and experienced.

Orchids to Shelly & K.C. at Lietz-Fraze Funeral Home for compassion and understanding during what is thus far the worst time of my family’s life.

Orchids to JZ Yard Maintenance for making our backyard pop again with new plants, rocks and a perfectly trimmed pineapple palm. Very reasonable, punctual and aims to please. Thanks, Jesus. You rock!

Onions to the skate park. It’s a drug hang out and a place for problem kids to cause trouble. Parents, beware.

Orchids to Black Bear Diner,…

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