Out of the Ordinary: Polk County – Arkansas News

Out of the Ordinary: Polk County – Arkansas News

When I was growing up I could not wait to leave Mena. To get out of the small dinky town and explore that big ole world out there. I wanted to live in the big city, experience the faster pace of life. I ended up in Connecticut and took many trips to New York City. I loved it. Loved the rhythm of it. The excitement of it. Over time I begin having a bad case of homesickness. I missed my mountains. I missed knowing everyone. I grew up where every time you went out you ended up stopping and talking with someone. 

“You know the ones I’m talking about. You see them coming you try to make a quick get away exit. Then they see you, you sigh but asked them how their folks are doing.”

I was proud to come back to Mena.I had grown up just enough to recognize the values and love of a small community. I’ll be honest I can’t think of anywhere else I would raise my family. I love Mena and I love Polk county. I love the fair and the rodeo. I love the Lum & Abner festival. I love the Christmas parade. There are so many things that make …

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