Strain review: Black Ice | Marijuana reviews – Colorado News

Strain review: Black Ice | Marijuana reviews – Colorado News

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  • Baynard Woods
  • This Sativa/Indica blend rates “nearly narcotic in its calming abilities.”

More of a sedate-verging-on-loagy Indica than a geeked-up Sativa, though it’s got a bit of both inside it, Black Ice combines Black Domina (pretty much understood as an Indica bomb that brings with it a brawny body high) and White Widow (a Sativa/Indica compromise straight down the line that’s maybe just mistaken for the strain Ice, another 50/50 strain and maybe hence the name here). It’s a knock-you-the-fuck-out strain. It’ll convert the weed skeptic wet sandwiches in your life who think all weed is the same (because no other weed is quite like this one). And because Black Ice is nearly narcotic in its calming abilities (minus the life-shattering addictive qualities, helloooooo) it’s entry-level evidence for those who don’t buy into pot as a full-stop pain reliever. In short, here’s some pot for true believers in weed-as-medicine and for those who want a reason to believe.

At the same time, especially at its onset, Black Ice — before it sends…

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